National Singles 2011

Highlight of 2nd round
Gilbert (USRC) vs Jerry (KBGC)

pī jīng zhǎn jí     guò guān zhǎn jiàng

A point was ceded to Gilbert at the 26th end to become 20 : 15 (See below), and Jerry got back at the 27th end to 20 : 16.
Jerry saved a match point at 28th end with his last wood (See below), catching up to 20 : 17, and almost got three at 29th end (20 : 19).
At this last end (30th), Gilbert turned the head with an breath-taking draw by his third wood and nailed down the victory of the game.

Previous ends:

28th end

Scoring before the 28th end was 20 : 16
Gilbert sandwiched the jack with his third wood after his opening toucher,
but Jerry managed to save the match point with his last bowl by a running shot.

26th end

An unfortunate turnover from Jerry at the 26th end, giving Gilbert the edge to prepare for the match point.